Past Continuous Tense İle ilgili olumlu 10 cümle Nedir?


Past Continuous Tense İle ilgili olumlu 10 cümle Nedir?

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    1. I was writing articles on different topics.
    2. He was reading various kinds of books.
    3. They were playing football in that field.
    4. She was drinking coffee in that coffee shop.
    5. He was studying in the library.
    6. We were shopping in this market last week.
    7. We were watching a movie in this Cineplex yesterday.
    8. You were shopping in that market.
    9. I was singing different kinds of songs, especially modern.
    10. He has been traveling around the world for a month.

  1. I was working at 10pm last night.
    They were not playing football at 9am this morning.
    What were you doing at 10pm last night?
    What were you doing when he arrived?
    She was cooking when I telephoned her.
    We were having dinner when it started to rain.
    Ram went home early because it was snowing.At 6 o’clock, I was eating dinner.
    She was talking constantly in class in those days.
    At noon, he was arriving.

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