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    “1. Was I snoring?
    2. Was he studying all night again?
    3. Was the baby crying a lot today?
    4. Were we talking too loud last night?
    5. Were we eating lots of candy?
    6. Were they playing nicely today or were they fighting?
    7. What was your cat eating?
    8. What was the policeman telling us?
    9. What instruments were those musicians playing?
    10. Where were the children hiding?”


    Was he singing a song during shower?
    Was Emmanuel running like a cheetah to catch the bus?
    Were Anne and Robson going to airport when I saw them?
    Was Mitsubishi producing 20,000 units of Evolution X each year back in the days?
    Were we dreaming about our future when we were kid?
    Was Sasha cooking while I was cleaning the house?
    When I came back to house, was my brother playing video games?
    Did I meet her while I was studying for university?
    Were those ladies standing here when the accident happened?
    Was the teacher staring at me?

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