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    Dad was asleep in the armchair, 
    They were upset by the bad news. 
    It was a beautiful day yesterday. 
    The girls were happy because the exam was easy. 
    All the people were outside the theatre.
    The beach was very quiet.
    I was surprised to see Richard at the concert. 
    Mum and Dad were tired after work.


    It was hot and sunny yesterday.

    Their new house was very expensive.

    I was unhappy with my exam results.

    The chairs were old. 

    The people were friendly in Portland.


    We weren't interested in the exhibition.

    There weren't a lot of great photos in the exhibition.

    I wasn't pleased to see Mark at the party.

    Sylvia wasn't at the supermarket.


    Were you at school yesterday?

    Was your teacher pleased with the work? 

    Was she afraid of the storm?

    Were they unhappy with the film? 

    Was it your birthday yesterday?

    Were you and your friend sad yesterday? 


    Yes, I was at school.

    No, he/she was not pleased.

    Yes, she was afraid of the storm.

    No, they were happy.

    No, it wasn't.

    Yes, we were sad.


    Where were you last night?

    Were you at work yesterday?

    He was here an hour ago.

    I was with my friend Bob yesterday.

    There was a bad storm last week.

    We were bored at college this afternoon. 


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